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Monday March 19th , Tuesday March 20th 

Garlic Chicken & Rice (Gluten Free)

Rice is gluten free this includes brown rice, white rice and wild rice. Even Asian or Sticky rice, also called “glutinous rice,” is gluten-free, despite its name. In this case, the “glutinous” term refers to the sticky nature of the rice and not the gluten protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

Scallop & Orange Couscous 

Couscous looks a little like pasta and a little like rice but it is actually made from grains of durum wheat. It is most definitely not gluten-free. That's because wheat is one of the three grains that contain gluten (barley and rye are the other two).

Chopped Romaine & Basil Marinated Tomatoes (Gluten Free)

Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is unusual among the many culinary herbs in the mint family (Lamiaceae=Labiateae) in that it is thought to have its origins in India. This plant has been cultivated in India and the Middle East since ancient times and was known to the Greeks and Romans.

Chicken Noodle Soup 

A hip hop song by DJ Webstar. It was performed by rappers Young B. and The Voice of Harlem. There is also an accompanying dance. In the great tradition of hip hop, Chicken Noodle Soup combines the lyrical and rhythmic power of insightful poetry with profound social commentary reflecting the societal, economic and educational realities of Harlem and other communities like it.

Wednesday March 21st, Thursday March 22nd  

Sloppy Joe with Biscuit Topping 

Cakes and Biscuits in the Middle Ages. The word biscuit is derived from the Latin words bis cotus, meaning twice baked. The idea of making biscuits goes back to the Romans. However biscuits as we know them were developed in the Middle Ages.

Chopped Salsa Chicken & Corn Tortilla Strip Salad (Gluten Free)

The mainstay of the Mexican diet was, and still is, the tortilla, made from corn.  The tradition continues today with little change.  The kernels are cooked with lime to remove the husk and then ground on a stone slab with a grinding stone.  The dough is formed into little round balls and then patted out by hand into thin round cakes or wrapped in a corn husk, the tamale, to then fill and eat.

Garbanzo Bean & Olive Salad (Gluten Free)

Garbanzo Beans-also known as Chick Peas-originated in the Middle East. They were first cultivated in about 3000 B.C. in the Mediterranean area. They spread to India and to Africa from there. They were very popular with the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans.

Friday March 23rd, Saturday March 24th        

Lemon Pork Chops  

Arnold the pig was the only cast member to win an award for a performance in a sitcom. He won the coveted "Patsy" Award in 1967 .... In Green Acres: The Road (1969) Oliver meets Hooterville's representative in the state legislature, who introduces himself as a former actor named Lyle Talbot. He was played by Lyle Talbot.

Tuna Noodle Casserole

The first one, “Noodles and Tuna Fish en Casserole,” came from Sunset Magazine, from a “Mrs. W. F. S.” residing in Kennewick, Washington, in 1930. ... The introduction of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup in 1934 was the game-changer that cemented tuna casserole's place in the American housewife's culinary arsenal.

Roasted Paprika Potatoes

Although paprika is often associated with Hungarian cuisine, the peppers from which it is made are native to the New World and were later introduced to the Old World. Originating in central Mexico, paprika was brought to Spain in the 16th century. The seasoning is also used to add color to many types of dishes.

Herb Artichoke Soup (Gluten Free)

Artichokes are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables. Historians generally agree that artichokes started somewhere in the Mediterranean some say it was sicily and some have said that they originated on in Northern Africa. The Artichoke is actually an improved version of the Cardoon which is smaller and more prickly.

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